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How to change the UI of a device?


This howto describes the necessary steps to change the UI of a device.

It is written for the Exstreamer, but the same principle applies also for the Annuncicom, the Instreamer and the Streaming Client. The difference is in the names of the COB files and batch files.

Eight steps to change the UI (on the Exstreamer)

  1. take the rescuekit of the firmware - if you don't have one, download it from our website

  2. unpack the zip file if you haven't done that yet

  3. enter the "webuidevkit" folder in the "exstreamer_updatekit_..." folder

  4. change the UI files in the "exstreamerapp" subfolder (or overwrite the old files with new ones)

  5. run the "exstreamerapp.bat" script - this will pack all the UI files into an "exstreamerapp.cob" file

  6. copy this newly created file into the "update_rescue" folder of the rescuekit

  7. run gen.bat - this will re-pack all the firmware files into one file "compound.bin"

  8. upload the "compound.bin" via the WEB update

Change the UI on a non-Exstreamer firmware

The above procedure applies also for the Instreamer, the Streaming Client and the Annuncicom IC software. The files and folders are called

Exstreamerwebuidevkit/exstreamerapp exstreamerapp.batexstreamerapp.cob
Streaming Clientwebuidevkit/streamappstreamapp.batstreamapp.cob

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