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How do I use the Annuncicom with Sureview Immix ?

The Annuncicom HW devices can be used together with the Sureview Immix platform. In order to achieve that the device has to run the standard Annuncicom Firmware (as preloaded on Annuncicom100/200 devices).

The Sureview Immix system is based on TCP control and audio streaming protocol.

In the configuration page of the WEB User Interface you have to configure the Annuncicom to Stream to Table (not to origin source) and then entry 1 with >Raw TCP. IP= Port 2020 Open the TCP link to Annuncicom audio socket (e.g. from your server (IMMIX)

Then from TCP command line (also Telnet would do the same) send command text string c=83/84 to Annuncicom Command Interface (e.g. to force Annuncicom in Talking or Listening mode.

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