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How do I stream from a PC to an Exstreamer ?

There are several solutions possible:

a) MP3_RTP_Streamer Application: Please install this java-application on your pc. The application will create a rtp-stream and send it through your network.

b) VLC Media Player: That´s a very popular audio software which works also with Barix products. The following description was tested with VLC Media Player version 1.1.5. In the newer VLC Media player versions you have to copy the OPTION string manually. To stream from a new VLC version to a Barix Exstreamer execute the following steps:

    • First open VLC
    • select from VLC menu : MEDIA – Advanced Open File ...
    • there select your audio files (MP3) or your playlist file (m3u)
    • make sure the “Show more options” check box is marked
    • then copy the following string to “Edit Options”for RTP Streaming (requires RTP Listen Port on Barix devices):

(generates a RTP multicast stream to port number 4444)

For more details please check: to use the VLC Media Player_v19.pdf

c) HTTP-Server: Please install a Shoutcast or Icecast Streaming server on your PC. Now you are able to pull the stream with the Exstreamer from the server. To get it to work please do the following:

    • start your streaming server and also your streaming source (e.g. Winamp)
    • configure streaminmg URL of the Streaming Server in the Exstreamer Streaming Client or the Exstreamer M400,
      in on of the upper entries for the Streaming Links 

d) via the Barix ICgraph application. The ICgraph application is a Java based application for PC (Win, Linux, MAC) which can stream the PC Microphone to configurable targets.
The ICgraph application is extremely flexible and available for download on the Barix homepage. The Exstreamer can receive the ICgraph RTP stream on the normal Streaming URL
or even on the Priority port (if configured).

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