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How do i connect a Barix device to HSPDA, UMTS, CDMA, EVDO, wireless networks ?

Barix Devices only have an Ethernet connection. Quite often, customers want to use them in mobile applications, in places where there is no ADSL, probably not even a telephone line.

Various wireless access technologies have been developed and are used in most locations now, being it EDGE, UMTS, 3G EVDO, CDMA, Wimax or even satellite based connectivity solutions.

All the above connectivity methods allow you to connect to an intranet or the internet. Barix devices are generally work well with all these connectivity methods because they are strictly based on standards- TCP/IP. Of course, the connection speed may be a limiting factor - a satellite connection with 9600 baud cannot be used for audio streaming.

For all and every such connectivity solution "access routers" or bridges do exist which provide an ethernet connection. In many cases, a generic router/bridge, such as the Level One WBR-3800 3G Wireless Router [1], plus a USB or PCMCIA card, typically provided by the carrier, are required. Barix does not endorse or recommends a specific brand or maker, but we have tested and used the mentioned Level One product and it is affordable (from around 100€ in Europe), working really well, and gives broadband speeds with HSPDA, Ethernet and wireless connectivity (so you can share the broadband connection between Barix devices and notebooks, for example). Other manufacturers which make similar products include Multitech and Linksys.

Depending on the contract with the wireless connectivity provider, you may or may not get a static IP address, bandwidth may be charged for on a per kByte basis or flat fee, you may be able to get a VPN, some functionality may or may not be blocked or forbidden - you need to figure this out yourself.

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