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How can I monitor an Exstreamer ?

Normal monitoring can be used via Exstreamer homepage or on the Status page (http://ipaddress/status), e.g.:

System status:
Ticks: 107843807 ms
Uptime: 1d 5h 57m 23s

Streaming status:
Volume: 90%
Shuffle: Off
Repeat: Off
Output peak level L: -12dBFS
Output peak level R: 0dBFS
Buffer level: 32764 bytes
RTP decoder latency: 0 ms; average 0 ms
Current stream number: 2
Current URL:
Current song title: 
Current channel: 1
Stream bitrate: 48 kbps
Media format: AAC/AAC+
Last error: 1 - DNS Resolution Problem (Timestamp: 107843s)
Bytes played: 646977941
RTP frame loss counter: 0
RTP frame drop counter: 0
RTP frame dup counter: 0
Soft error counter: 0
Reconnects: 1

Here you get many information about current stream status and also last error displayed.

For extended monitoring the Barimon function can be used. Please go to and click on the "create a new free demo project" link. In the Barimon-settings you have to set the MAC address of the Exstreamer. Now you are able to sent the status of the device to the Barimon-server. At the Exstreamer under "Advanced Settings - Remote Management" you have to set the Barimon URL to "" and the "MTELL Report Periode" to 5 seconds.

On the following link you can find a Youtube video showing all the possibilities for the Streaming Client monitoring:

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