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How are Input Peak Levels measured?

Input Peak Level

The measurement of the input audio levels to the IPAM 100 based devices (Annuncicom, Instreamer and Exstreamer1000) is provided by the A/D Converter Quasi-Peak Detector Readout. In some application Firmware (e.g. Instreamer) the reading is displayed as raw value while in other is displayed as dBFS. The following conversion can be applied.

The value range is from 0..32767 (32767 is full scale) linear, so referring to full scale 7FFFhex (32767) is 0dBFS.

0000   -  0% 
2000   -  25%  (-12dBFS) 
4000   -  50%  (-6dBFS) 
7FFF   - 100%  ( 0dBFS)

NOTE: the measurement is performed at different time (10-20 msec) for left and right channel thus giving different result even if same audio values are applied on both.

Same values and considerations apply to the Output Peak Level.

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