Yes, there are a couple of differences.

All the BCL commands and the BCL syntax are the same for both Barionets, but there are some functions which are only supported by one of the Barionets:


  • supports 1-wire driver programming, allows you to add 1-wire drivers other i-wire devices
  • no Wiegand support, the Barionet50 has no Wiegand interface
  • the Barionet50 does not allow from BCL to write files to the local webserver/memory


  • does not allow 1-wire driver programming, you can use only the available internal drivers for the DS18B20 temp sensor and DS1904 RTC
  • it has 2 Wiegand interface and when enabled in the setup, they can be used in BCL
  • allows to write files from BCL to the local webserver/memory, these files are even after power off available. 

The operation speed the quite similar on both Barionets.