There might be a variety of reasons for a RetailPlayer device not being able to connect with the RetailPlayer Portal, here are the most common ones: 

Firewall blocking connections

The device is installed behind a firewall blocking outgoing connections to the Portal. Make sure that the firewall is configured, follow this link to check the RetailPlayer Network Requirements and configure your network accordingly.

DHCP problems

The device cannot get an IP address from the DHCP server in the LAN. Every Barix device, by default, is a DHCP client and announces its IP Address via the audio output during boot time. Make sure that you hear the IP Address obtained by the DHCP. Make sure that the device can reach the DHCP server to get an IP Address. 

Invalid DNS configuration

If you configured your RetailPlayer device to use a STATIC IP configuration make sure to manually enter also the DNS entries which have to be manually set. Make sure that the DNS server entered is correct and that the device is able to reach it properly within the network. 

Invalid License

Some old RetailPlayer units shipped with a firmware version between 1.0 and 5.0 are unable to connect with the RetailPlayer Portal because of an invalid license installed on those devices. The first thing to check is to ensure your device is running one of the said firmware, after boot connect to its web interface and check in the STATUS page the firmware version running, if it is one the affected firmware follow these instructions for FW versions between 2.0 and 5.0 and these instructions for devices running FW V1.0

Invalid Key

If your RetailPlayer device is not able to connect with the Portal and none of the above points is the cause, please use this tool to check if your device is affected by the "Invalid Key" issue. In the page accessed you'll find a "Device Key Check" tool where you can enter the MAC Address(es) of the device(s) and check whether you are facing this problem or not. The procedure to recover your device in case that is the issue it is available in the same link, in the HELP section with text and video instructions. 

Internal MicroSD card not properly inserted

It could happen that during shipment of the unit the MicroSD card installed internally is slightly loose in its slot. This condition can be easily identified as the RetailPlayer blocks at boot and the led stays in a solid orange state. The problem is solved by opening the unit and ensuring the MicroSD card is plugged all the way in the slot. 

Electrostatic discharge

This problem appeared on some devices manufactured prior July 2021 affecting only RetailPlayer S400 and SP400 units. The issue presents as the player going silent, no music played anymore, LED stays solid green as if it is when the device is well connected to the Portal, but on the Portal it shows up as OFFLINE, the local web ui results inaccessible, truth is that when these conditions are met the player is hanging. It is completely blocked. A simple reboot, which has to be a manual power cycle, solves the problem. The issue has been tracked to be caused by electrostatic discharges. In devices manufactured after July 2021, it has been applied a hardware modification that prevents this issue from happening. 

Orange Livebox Pro (only French customers)

It has been verified that connecting the RetailPlayer to the internet passing though the router supplied by Orange, the Livebox Pro, the connection is not reliable. It is still not clear what exactly is the cause for this to happen. The problem is that not only inter-LAN connections are affected, resulting in the impossibility to reach the RetailPlayer device from a laptop connected to the same network, but also blocks the player to connect with the RetailPlayer Portal or any other Barix service (update servers, NTP). The issue can be easily solved by placing a layer 2 switch between the RetailPlayer and the router. "Isolating" the 2 items with a switch in the middle solves any problem. 

If none of the above is the reason or you cannot get the problem solved, please contact Barix Support (