You can listen to Barix Radio using an Exstreamer device.

With Streaming Client FW

You can tune into the Barix Radio usinf the Streaming Client firmware if you write in one of the URL field:

for a MP3 128kbps stream (


for a AAC+ 32kbps stream (

Note that AAC+ is only supported on Exstreamer devices labelled AAC+ capable.

With Exstreamer standard FW

Set the "Mode" to "3 Streaming Puller"

Write in "Server Path:

Note that AAC stream in not supported in standard FW.

DNS resolution

In Streaming Client the DNS resolution is performed at every stream reconnection, while in Exstreamer standard FW the DNS resolution is performed only at boot up. If the numeric IP of the DNS is changing then you will have to reboot the device if running standard FW.

In order to perform DNS resolution, a DNS Server needs to be defined. This is done automatically when using DHCP, but if you use static IP then also DNS Server IP address has to be defined in the Network Setting page of the WEB User Interface.