Package content

  • Instreamer ICE
  • Power supply
  • RCA stereo cable

What you need

  • Ethernet cable
  • 3.5mm Headphones

Request Stream Configuration

Make sure you got your "Configuration File". Write to if you need a Configuration File to create a Stream!

(warning) Safety Precautions: Please make sure to first read the safety information in order to avoid hazards.

How to Install Video

Step by Step Instructions

The content of the video as text.

1) Connect the Device

  1. Connect the Instreamer ICE to your switch (internet router) using a standard ethernet cable.
  2. Plug the 3.5mm headphones into the mini jack and be prepared to write down an IP address.
  3. Power the device with the included adapter, wait some seconds until the device starts. The IP will be announced as audio.

2) Configure the Radio Stream

  1. Open your browser and enter the IP address you have written down. The configuration interface opens.
  2. User: admin
    Password: Find it at the bottom of your device (white sticker which says "PW"). 
  3. You are now logged in. Go to "Stream" in the menu and click "Import Stream". 
  4. Upload the "Configuration File" you got from Barix Support. 
  5. Your stream is now ready. 
 Manual Configuration (optional)

Recommended standard settings. Barix Support answers all questions if you want to customize something.

  • Stream Name: Audio Stream (only internal)

  • Stream Input: Line-IN
  • Input level: Consumer (-10 dBu)
  • Input Channel: Stereo
  • Sampling rate: 44.1 kHz

  • Encoder: AAC
  • Bitrate Type: CBR
  • Bitrate: 128 kb/s

  • Server Type: Icecast Source
  • Icecast Name: Radio Stream (change if needed, will be seen by listeners)
  • Icecast Description: Streaming (change if needed, will be seen by listeners)
  • Icecast Genre: Radio (change if needed, will be seen by listeners)
  • Remote URL:
  • Audio Port: 8573
  • Mount Point: <Insert the "Stream Name" you got from Barix support>
  • Username: source
  • Password: <Insert the "Stream Password" you got from Barix support>

3) Test and Share the Stream

  1. Open the "Stream URL" you got from Barix support in your browser.
  2. Connect the stereo cable to your audio source and play some music or say something into your microphone. You should now be able to hear your sound (some seconds delay included).
  3. Add a play button to your website and add the Stream URL as a link. We have prepared this button in black (download) and button white (download).
    Or share the Stream ULR as a Link in your Whats-App Group, Facebook Site, send it per Email etc.


  • Make sure your computer is in the same network as the Instreamer ICE device.
  • You can also install the "Barix Discovery Tool" (download) instead of listening to the announcement. This is especially useful if you have many devices.
  • Whenever you are not actively using the stream we recommend to play some nice music or just leave the setup connected so everything works and people can hear you when you join again at a certain time.
  • If you wish you can change the password: To do so, go to "Status", click on "Manage Passwords" and change the admin and user profiles.
  • You can always configure a standard Instreamer ICE (link) here.