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Firmware v1.3.0


Firmware v1.3.0: instreamer-ice-1.3-20190607145129.tar

Change Log

New Features

  • Dedicated \authenticate mountpoint with htpasswd authentication.

  • “Relay single mountpoint” was implemented.

  • Relay stream media player was added.

  • “Error” and “Access” logs to monitor subscription, track errors.

  • Added 5 users


  • None.


  • Firmware adapted to new password structure. Added scripts.

  • Firmware adapted to new Icecast features. Script adapted to user “Ices”

Major Known Limitations 

  • Issue: The Instreamer ICE web UI cannot be used correctly on Internet Explorer v11.0.9600

    • Workaround: Use Chrome or Firefox

  • Issue: The manual Firmware Update process cannot be used with Microsoft Edge 

    • Workaround: Use Chrome or Firefox

  • Issue: Metadata only work for the “Icecast Server” mode

    • Workaround: Mentioned in manual.

Minor Known Limitations

  • Issue: Listen online cache issues with Firefox, Edge 

    • Workaround: Use Chrome 

  • Music can be heard faintly on the headset output 

    • Workaround: none so far

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