Release Notes for firmware version 4.05

Release Date
May 26th 2020

Change Log

New Features

  • Configurable username for Icecast 2 source


  • There were no major modifications in this release.


  • Wrong listen.xml corrected
  • Improved codec, better stability for PCM 16 and 32 kHz

Known Limitations

  • Exstreamer 1000/500 Audio input. There is a HW restriction on the Exstreamer 1000 and the Exstreamer 500 DHW 1.x. #70.02 External Analogue to Digital circuitry can be selected for 32 and 48 KHz input speeds. This provides a better input signal to noise ratio but the A/D gain is fixed at 0dB and cannot be adjusted. The analogue line input is still fed into the codec and the home page input peak values continue to show the internal amplified values. As a work around set the A/D amplifier gain to 0dB when selecting Line Ext ADC.
  • Annuncicom 100/200 Audio input. The default audio input source is Line stereo which is not supported on the Annuncicom 100/200 HW. So when loading the Instreamer SW into this HW, please select either Line mono or Mic as an input source. The home page Left channel shows the input peak value.
  • Annuncicom 100 with IPAM102. The informative MP3 header information is not fully supported on the IPAM 102 module. To make this clear the unsupported Advanced Encoder Settings on the audio WEB page will not appear.
  • Discovery Tool V0.15. Use this or higher version of the discovery tool to find the IPAM type. If problems are reported this value may be requested by Barix support.
  • The RTS signal stays active after a reboot. This can be worked around by switching the signal to an inactive state on the home page.
  • Shoutcast V2 is not fully supported.
  • Relaying Shoutcast mode over Icecast may experience startup problems.
  • Cannot update FW if both view and save passwords are set.
  • Downgrading Song module to version 10.15 or 10.16 could require a manual reboot (power OFF/ON) after update.


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Made available in production portal.update-core-image-barix-audioplex-5.3.0.tar