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Addons and Howtos

Video Tutorials:

How to configure Standard RTP-STL connection

How to customize ABCL applications


Instreamer Classic-Exstreamer_Howto (for Streaming Client FW)


Howto set a Instreamer Classic as MOH for Cisco CUCM


Barix Instreamer - Shoutcast Howto

Barix - SHOUTcast Guide_v121.pdf

Barix VLC Media Player guide

How to use the VLC Media Player_v19.pdf

Howto use Instreamer Classic for multi source live audio feed to CUCM

Instreamer-Cisco application note v14.pdf

Howto serial gateway


Barix Instreamer Classic - Wowza Howto

Barix - Wowza guide v110.pdf

Barix Audiologger guide

What is Audiologger.pdf

Instreamer Quick Install Guide


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