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Flexa Firmware V2.1.0


Software Package / Version


This image can be installed ONLY on the following Barix devices running an Flexa FW:

  • Flexa M400

Please don’t install this firmware on any of these products: SIP Opus Codec, Audiopoint, RetailPlayer, Soundscape, Store & Play

Change Log

New Features

  • Remove patch that disables sigma-delta modulation in the PLL driver

  • Add SNMP library and applications

  • Enable AAC/AAC+ encoder and decoder

  • Check license before running Flexa applications

  • Using Flexa agent to install Python modules in the system

  • Add CM6533 firmware upgrade to the image

  • Add button in the webUI to upload new configuration file

  • Add a button to upload flexa applications to the device

  • Load an app configuration file from the USB drive

  • Improve the installation of Flexa package using a USB stick

  • Add a button in the webUI to sync the Flexa app configuration

  • Set environment variables on entry points commands

  • Handle with errors when requesting the Flexa registry and portals

  • Gather all re-used code in a single Python module to be included in the Flexa image

  • Added SYS-ID

Fixes / Improvements

  • FIXED: Using public key file when upgrading the image

  • FIXED: Lighttpd CGI does not support python3

  • FIXED: Flexa agent is not sending image version to the portal

  • FIXED: change update url to

  • FIXED: Log error because /var/log/lastlog do not exists

  • IMPROVEMENT: Allow flexa package to install symlinks in the system

  • IMPROVEMENT: Migrate the Flexa image build tree to Dunfell release

Known Limitations / Issues

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