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Release Notes V2.6.1

Release Notes

These release notes are related to FW V2.6.1

Release Date


Change Log

New Features

  • Remote Configuration Tool : 
    • The save button from each row blinks after the user changes something in the configuration of the device, and stops blinking after saving it.
    • New workflow to add new zones
    • A button was added to column header that allows to add new zones. The new zones are, then, available in the drop-down menus to allow changing the devices from zone. The user can choose if wants to change all the devices from the same zone to a new zone or just that one.
    • In order to edit a zone name, the user can use the pencil icon, as it was before, but now the change is automatically applied to all devices in that same zone.
  • New button on the webUI that allows to stop playing the local audio file

  • Support new codecs: PCM 16 BE and G.722

  • [MPA400]:

    • Amplifier's Overtemperature Warning reading and showed on the webUI

Fixes / Improvements

  • Ensure that AudioFiles folder always exists before uploading audio files
  • Avoid to have more than one ICast audio source configured
  • Avoid to have more than one SIP audio source configured

Known Limitations / Issues

  • RTP Dynamic Payload Types not handled (i.e. All the following formats from Instreamer Classic are not playing on IP Speaker: 
    • G.711 uLaw / Mono 24kHz - G.711 aLaw / Mono 24KHz 
    • PCM 24 Khz 16 bit mono big endian - PCM 8 Khz 16 bit mono big endian - PCM 24 Khz 16 bit mono little endian - PCM 8 Khz 16 bit mono little endian - PCM 32 Khz 16 bit mono big endian - PCM 12 Khz 16 bit mono big endian - PCM 32 Khz 16 bit mono little endian - PCM 12 Khz 16 bit mono little endian - PCM 44.1 kHz 16bit stereo little endian - PCM 48KHz 16bit stereo little endian - PCM 48KHz 16bit stereo big endian
  • Device Alias field doesn't accept special characters 
  • Audio file names doesn't accept special characters and maximum one space between words
  • When uploading audio files as .zip archive the maximum size is 16MB.
  • Configuration Tool: SIP Server settings related to username must be entered manually in the tool for each device despite they are copied from one device to all others when pushing the configuration or copying and inserting. 
  • The configuration tool, when controlling a large number of devices. needs to be refreshed by clicking on the "READ ALL" button to display again all the devices after new configurations are applied. 
  • Configuration Tool: the green cell indicating the playing source is not updated in real time. It requires the user to click the READ ALL button. 
  • Informacast: when volume ON INFORMACAST is set to a value greater than 10 the audio is not being played. Keep the audio volume on informacast to a volume equal or lower than 10
  • Informacast: Issue in the registration process. Occasionally the device doesn't update the correct password exchanged with the server, resulting in "Invalid password" error reported in the logs. The device shows as registered on the speaker status, but reality is that it is not able to exchange any audio with the server, notifications are not played. 


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