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Release Notes V2.6.0

Release Notes

These release notes are related to FW V2.6.0 

Release Date


Change Log

New Features

  • Remote Configuration Tool was added: a useful tool that allows to remotely manage IP Speakers installed in the same network.
    • It allows to:
      - copy the configuration of one device to others
      - save changes on device's configuration individually or in bulk
      - group devices per zone and copy the configurations from one device to all in the same zone
      - sort and filter devices easily by their: names, zone, IP, MAC, source configuration.
      - edit the device name
      - change the device settings
      - change the sources configuration and the playback priority
      - reload all device's configurations or cancel the changes done
      - open the webUI of another device
      - perform a soundtest of a device 

  • Report Synapps register status on speaker status page
  • Upload and play WAV and OGG files
  • Avahi discovery service running by default
  • RTP, Synapps and ICast audio sources use now a robust and modern playback library (baco lib)
  • [MPA400]:
    • Amplifier settings changed - set Gain Level Control register and Volume Control register based on the PoE standard and Speaker's impedance
    • PoE standard configuration names changed
  • [TPA400]:
    • Amplifier Gain Level set based on level (PoE Optimized/Max Power) and Speaker impedance

Fixes / Improvements

  • Playing RTP G.711 8khz streams
  • Fixed: Sonic-IP only plays at device's startup 
  • Side bar Help pages updated/improved
  • Fixed: Manual reboot required when Avahi setting is enabled / disabled to activate / deactivate the function
  • Fixed: When IP Address is changed from DHCP to Static and vice versa the volume of the source is restored to default (re-submit source configuration to set the real values)
  • Fixed: Informacast and SynApps plays correctly
  • Fixed: Reset to factory defaults from UI (also known as soft-reset) resets also network settings  

Known Limitations

  • G.711 uLaw / Mono 24kHz - G.711 aLaw / Mono 24KHz - Not handled by the playback engine
  • PCM 24 Khz 16 bit mono big endian - PCM 8 Khz 16 bit mono big endian - PCM 24 Khz 16 bit mono little endian - PCM 8 Khz 16 bit mono little endian - PCM 32 Khz 16 bit mono big endian - PCM 12 Khz 16 bit mono big endian - PCM 32 Khz 16 bit mono little endian - PCM 12 Khz 16 bit mono little endian - PCM 44.1 kHz 16bit stereo little endian - PCM 48KHz 16bit stereo little endian - PCM 48KHz 16bit stereo big endian - Not handled by the Playback engine
  • Certain HTTP playlist URLs are not parsed by the playback library, i.e.: 
  • Device Alias field doesn't accept special characters 
  • Audio file names doesn't accept special characters and maximum one space between words
  • When uploading audio files as .zip archive the maximum size is 16MB. This limit shouldn't be this small. 
  • Configuration Tool: SIP Server settings related to username must be entered manually in the tool for each device despite they are copied from one device to all others when pushing the configuration or copying and inserting. 
  • The configuration tool at times needs to be refreshed by clicking on the "READ ALL" button to display again all the devices after new configurations are applied. 
  • Configuration Tool: the green cell indicating the playing source is not updated in real time. It requires the user to click the READ ALL button. 

Known Issues

  • When adding 2 sources to be "Informacast" the player crashes 
  • When configuring 2 SIP sources the player cannot handle them and it crashes


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