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Release Notes V2.0.5

Release Notes

These release notes are related to FW V2.0.5 tested on IP Former TPA400

Release Date


Change Log

New Features

In this update the following new features were added to the image

  • Support of HTTPS secure connection to media streaming servers to fetch audio streams
  • Support for SIPS: Secures the establishment of the connection with SIP servers using SSL/TLS
  • Support for SRTP: Encrypts the media packets transported over SIP
  • Support for SIP peer to peer calls
  • TPA400 > Amplifier gain settings configurable according to the available PoE type at the switch:
    • PoE Optimized: Maximize compatibility with switches supporting PoE IEEE802.3af standard, at maximum level the amplifier will set itself according to the available power from the switch
    • Max Power: The amplifier always sets itself at maximum capabilities despite the available power identified from the switch (use this option to get a louder volume out of your IP Former)

Fixes / Improvements

  • Fixed: SynApps automatic discovery (requires OPT72 being supported, activated and correctly configured, in the DHCP server part of the network)
  • Fixed: RTP unicast URL validation
  • Fixed: Restart services after changing configuration

Known Limitations

  • Manual reboot required when Avahi setting is enabled / disabled to activate / deactivate the function
  • When IP Address is changed from DHCP to Static and vice versa the volume of the source is restored to default (re-submit source configuration to set the real values)
  • G.711 uLaw / Mono 24kHz - G.711 aLaw / Mono 24KHz - Not handled by the playback engine
  • PCM 24 Khz 16 bit mono big endian - PCM 8 Khz 16 bit mono big endian - PCM 24 Khz 16 bit mono little endian - PCM 8 Khz 16 bit mono little endian - PCM 32 Khz 16 bit mono big endian - PCM 12 Khz 16 bit mono big endian - PCM 32 Khz 16 bit mono little endian - PCM 12 Khz 16 bit mono little endian - PCM 44.1 kHz 16bit stereo little endian - PCM 48KHz 16bit stereo little endian - PCM 48KHz 16bit stereo big endian - Not handled by the Playback engine
  • Informacast version supported and tested: 12.1.1 and 12.17.1
  • Certain HTTP playlist URLs are not parsed by the playback library, i.e.: 

Known Issues

  • Random clicks heard when notifications from Informacast 12.1.1 and 12.17.1 - The issue could be related to the InformaCast sends the RTP stream (sequence numbering is not compliant with the protocol as described in RFC 1889)
  • Syslog not sending messages to other syslog devices in the network
  • G.711 uLaw / Mono 8KHz - Handled by playback engine but audio drops and crackles may be experienced
  • Reset to factory defaults from UI (also known as soft-reset) resets also network settings 


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