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IP Audio Client Firmware V2.11.0


Software Package Download Link


This image can be installed ONLY on the following Barix devices running an IP Audio Client FW version greater or equal to V2.7.0:

  • Exstreamer M400

  • IP Former TPA400

  • Exstreamer MPA400

  • Annuncicom MPI400

Please don’t install this firmware on any of these products: SIP Opus Codec, Audiopoint, RetailPlayer, Soundscape, Store & Play

Change Log

New Features

  • Support for Dante℗ Audio (Only on licensed devices): It is now possible to use IPAC devices into Dante℗ systems to send / receive audio:

    • Dante℗ as a source: receive a Dante℗ stream routed from the Dante℗ Controller

    • Dante℗ as an audio input: Feed a SIP call with Dante℗ audio

    • Dante℗ Forwarding: IPAC to send its main audio output into a Dante℗ system

The Dante℗ implementation on IPAC targets a flexible usage of the device which allows to combine multiple sources assigned at different priority layers. Due to the nature of this architecture the IPAC Dante℗ receiver plays with a higher latency compared to other Dante℗ enabled products. Key applications for IPAC Dante℗ devices: BGM distribution, paging over Dante℗, Dante℗-SIP bridging, Dante℗-RTP bridging, essentially all 'non-live' applications.

Dante℗ is only running on devices purchased with a License. It is not possible to add a license on a device that was shipped without it.

  • Automatic FW Update:

    • Default update URL is Barix update server, but it can be changed, and device will automatically update if it has connection between 2am and 4am. In any case is possible to set the update to run on specific days of the week and change the update time frame

  • UDP source: added support for RAW UDP audio (i.e. streamed from older Barix Annuncicom devices):

    • Formats: 8kHz / 24kHz

    • Codec: uLaw / aLaw

Fixes / Improvements

  • Improved SIP Domain field UI validation

  • Improved HTTP URL field UI validation

  • Improved: SIP calls are closed when application restarts

  • Improved: RTP Forwarding supports also unicast destinations (local analog output is muted when forwarding to a unicast address)

  • FIXED: Memory available not reported correctly in audio files tab

  • FIXED: Files shorter than 1s don’t play on IPAC

Known Limitations / Issues

  • Configuration Tool: SIP Server settings related to username must be entered manually in the tool for each device despite they are copied from one device to all others when pushing the configuration or copying and inserting.

  • Configuration Tool: the green cell indicating the playing source is not updated in real time. It requires the user to click the READ ALL button. 

  • RTP Regular mode: frequency drifts (playback speed adjustments) when playing formats with lower sample rates (e.g. G711 @ 8kHz)

  • AES67 Mono channel streams are not supported on Exstreamer MPA400. Use always stereo.

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