Release Date


Release Notes

These release notes are related to package version 2.17.0-11

Change Log

New Features 

  • SNMP Community Name configurable and protecting the SET function used when trying to control Barionet400 relays

  • Added Flexa Agent, active by default and with UI controls and status report

  • Allow the possibility to upload custom applications from the webUI 

  • Add "kmod-usb-serial-ch341" to the default image
  • Add “screen” package to the default image
  • Add LUA bindings for the function "reconnect_async" on lua_mosquitto package
  • Revert the call of "/mnt/data/default.lua" on device boot

Fixes / Improvements

  • FIX:Auto upgrade once per hour via download server (function has to be enabled)
  • IMPROV: SynApps application to be ON by default 
  • IMPROV: Online Help add-on for SNMP OIDs
  • IMPROV: B400 - Remove WiFi tab from UI since B400 doesn'd handle WiFi connections
  • IMPROV: HTTP as default protocol for Web UI access
  • FIX:  Don’t show "ubus" error when device is rebooting after an upgrade performed via "Check for Updates" function available in the status tab
  • FIX: Static IP assignment was causing issues to the config of the Gateway field in the UI