Release Notes for Annuncicom Standard firmware

  • Release Notes for firmware version 4.07

    Change Log

    New Features

    • The Annuncicom may now receive audio on a Multicast address. The Multicast IP Address is configured via the WEB UI.


    • An improved audio buffer management aids the fine tuning of latency. A value of 40 msecs is achievable: PCM 24kHz, sender packet size 480 bytes, receiver play buffer size 480 bytes.
    • PCM audio encoding is no longer supported in TCP mode.
    • The “loop Input to Output” audio volume is fixed.
    • Switching to decoding mode requires an additional 200 msecs. Any audio received during this period is discarded.


    • Some minor corrections to the WEB UI look and feel.
    • On IPAM102 devices, corrected outgoing PCM audio formatted UDP streams stored in even table entries which were distorted.
    • DHCP will now automatically renew after losing connection to the DHCP server. A new DHCP address should be assigned (and the device will reset) within 5 minutes.
    • Handling of lost segments corrected, providing a massive improvement in lost packet retransmissions.
    • A problem fixed which caused the Exstreamer 110 HW revision 1.4 to reset. Note: When loading the Annuncicom SW in an Exstreamer 110, the functionality is not guaranteed.

    Known Limitations

    • Annuncicom 200 SUB Aiphone Use - Releasing the “Press to Talk” button does not stop the audio stream.
    • Exstreamer 110 Use - If the Exstreamer 110 is left in the default settings of Audio: MPEG and Streaming mode: send on Talk, commands sent to the device may cause a reset. For example, setting the Relay. Work around: When using an Exstreamer 110 always set the Streaming mode to “receive only”.
    • For IPAM102/302 devices PCM audio encoding is no longer supported in TCP mode.